I'm young, motivated, and highly interdisciplinary. I've worked with public, private, academic, and nonprofit organizations. Looking for a freelancer your project, or for a collaboration? Contact me.
Organizations I've Done Work With
Transdisciplinary Skillset
I have a versatile skillset that enables me to be work flexibly on projects from visual design to drafting, modeling, and analysis, and to integrate these into coherent final products. Mediums include graphics and informational pages, reports, presentations, videos, blog pages, and websites.
Working Principles
1. Empathize with people, find strengths, and build on shared goals.
2. Take calculated risks where there is significant opportunity.
3. Harness people's energy rather than suppress it.
4. Be strategically transparent- openness is a powerful tool to build trust in relationships.
5. Seize opportunities, make things happen.
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