Persona Example: Erica
Translated Template for a Persona for Everyday Biking
Translation of Nielsen's 10 Usability Heuristics to street design for everyday biking
People's basic needs of safety, functionality and reliability are met on this bike path in Amsterdam. The bikeway then builds off this and goes further: by going through the famous Rijksmuseum, people get an enjoyable experience and are many are left in awe. 
Featured street: 5th Avenue in New York City. How "usable" is this street for everyday biking? A heuristic evaluation can help us find out.
Overview of Heuristic Evaluation for a street in New York City
User Experience Map: Step by step analysis of person's pain points and positive parts of experience riding bike on a route
Snippet of Script for Hybrid Directed Storytelling / Interview Session
Using Directed Storytelling with Community Members to Develop Personas
Exploration of Possible New Methods to Translate to Everyday Biking
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